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Doctor’s Orders

I am not used to going to the doctor for an annual physical or taking care of my health before illness strikes. I take it for granted that I will go on and on in fine shape; and so far, this has been the case. I don’t read medical articles in print or online and I don’t seek advice from friends, family, or neighbors. As much as people like to talk about their ailments and fabulous physicians, I am indifferent at best. I believe in the power of work to keep your mind active and your body fit. The more you move around refurbishing that old car or sorting your junk, the better for your musculoskeletal system. I believe in natural health. Go about your daily life, play a few sports with the guys, and walk to the store instead of driving. This is the recipe for longevity to be sure. I am not into yoga, meditation, or other stress busters. I don’t get stress if I can go about my business.

I did go to the eye doctor, however, as I was having trouble focusing and it was really the first time. I had everything checked out and for the most part it was fine, but the ophthalmologist advised me to protect my vision by wearing sunglasses more often. I was not at all in the habit and don’t have a proper cycling pair for when I ride my bike. He said the intense glare of the sun as you ride in the direction of the light will take its toll on the eyes. You can get eye fatigue, eye strain, and reduced vision.

Okay, okay I said. I will certainly be more attentive. The eyes I know are precious and once the damage is done, it is often too late. It wasn’t that dire just yet, but I was on a spree to find the coolest cycling sunglasses I could. If I am going to wear specs, they might as well be stylish. Now it is a matter of design and shape, color and texture, and shade of the lenses. The choices are overwhelming and it comes down to comfortable fit and the amount you want to spend for extra good looks. I am willing to fork over however many dollars it takes to look the part of a cyclist. If I have to succumb to wearing glasses at all, I am going to do so willingly on my own terms.

When I first showed up at a friend’s house wearing the cool new cycling glasses, she was nonplussed by my new image. It wasn’t like the usual unadorned me. She professed to really like my choice and hoped I would be consistent and wear them all the time, on or off the bike. There is something about sunglasses that sharpen your looks, no matter what you are wearing. I am even thinking of a second pair just in case I lose or break the originals. I will select something different so I can be whoever I want on a given day. What fun.

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