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That time I nearly killed myself

I am a mechanic and obviously handy with my hands so I like to do things myself, never by hiring a professional. If something mechanical is broken, and it doesn’t have to be a car, I can fix it. Some people are that versatile and I like to think that I am one of them. Some things like a refrigerator or a stove may be beyond my capabilities, but frankly they never break down in my house so I have yet addressed the question of whether or not I can do it. If they did stop functioning, I might say to myself, “stick with cars.” But right now, I am waiting for the chance to prove I have the skills to be a Mr. Fixit around the house and yard. Not many frankly have the time or inclination. Some things are a real challenge and require some research and a little help from an expert. Then I am on my own and give it a go. But there was that one time that I nearly killed myself. I am referring to wracking my brain for the right knowledge.

The latest think to go on the fritz in my environment was the above ground pool cleaner. I have a nice pool in my backyard and it is easy to keep clean with this device. When it broke, I knew it was for good and no repair job was going to fix it. It would be like putting Scotch tape on a leaking faucet. Sometimes you have to buy something new. The pool vacuum was not an expense I wanted to make. I thought that I could build one myself. It looked like a fairly simple device. The problem was that I had no instructions. So I took apart the broken vacuum and went to the hardware store to buy comparable parts. I also had to go to the pool supply company several miles away to supplement. It was a lot of running around. Why on earth did I start this project. But I was on a roll.

I got the brochure for the broken pool vacuum and could determine from operation instructions how to put things together. It was all about a tiny motor and a suction device. It was like those mini robots you see in houses except that it was for a pool. It looked like it was swimming about on its own. How did it find the right direction? It had some kind of navigation device. I started to flounder. This is the part where I say I was killing myself. I had to use my ingenuity for sure. I sat for hours analyzing the old parts to determine how this thing propelled itself. After a few attempts, I got the new vacuum built and the motor was fine. The suction was perfect. It took a day more to get the directional part solved, but finally I did it. You might say it is the magic of trial and error.

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