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The Worst of Car Shows

No one wants to think that they’re going to get things stolen out of their cars when they just want to show them, but it is the sort of thing that can happen. When dealerships have cars outside for display, they don’t leave anything outside that can be easily stolen. You’re probably not going to find anyone who will try to steal your actual car at a car show. Most car thieves are more savvy than that.

However, at least try to remember that they’ll still try to steal anything that they can run away with. Car thieves frequent car shows for that reason, since they know that they’ll probably be catering to a crowd of people that is trained to expect the best. It’s also not impossible to get your car stolen at car shows, either, especially at the end of the day when people are packing up to leave. Just don’t operate on the assumption that it will never happen to you. Use a parking brake and make sure it will never happen to you.

Now me personally, I’ve never had anything stolen at a car show. I have had my car scratched before, though. It wasn’t a serious scratch, but I still tend to try to stop people from touching the car unless I’ve spent at least two seconds vetting them and confirming that they’re not kids and they’re not obvious troublemakers. It’s not a foolproof system, but I haven’t had my car scratched again. Seriously, if an owner tells you not to touch the car, especially if he or she is polite about it, you’re probably not dealing with a curmudgeon. You’re just dealing with an owner who’s been burned over a car scratch.

Okay, this next one isn’t as bad as having your car burgled or scratched, but it’s still pretty annoying: people who won’t stop taking pictures in the most aggressive way possible. You wouldn’t think this would be such a big deal anymore thanks to the Internet. Can’t they just look at the pictures that appear online? No, it’s only gotten worse today. Everyone has a camera on their smartphones, and they figure that they can and should do anything to get a picture.

I mean, I love it when people take pictures of my car. If you’re literally elbowing people out of the way in order to get a good shot, though, you’ve officially gone too far. If you go further than that, then you need to be escorted off the premises. I’ll be around to do that personally. You’re a car enthusiast: you’re not working for the tabloids.

I love car shows enough that even getting all of this on the same day wouldn’t dissuade me from going to them all the time, whenever they were in town. However, I want to prepare people for what to expect from the very worst of all car shows. I also want to warn the people who engage in these sorts of behaviors that we’re on to you, and we know what to expect.