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Things To Keep in Mind When You’re Buying a Classic Car

I love classic cars as much as the next car enthusiast. They’re just so different from modern cars under the hood and on top of the hood. You won’t meet many car enthusiasts who don’t have a favorite era when it comes to classic cars or don’t have favorite specific cars in mind. If you’re a car enthusiast and you actually have the financial resources to acquire classic cars instead of just gazing at them admiringly at a car show, then I envy you. I’m also going to give you some important advice here and now.

For one thing, a lot of people are worried about the insurance premiums that they’re have to deal with when driving classic cars or owning classic cars. Classic cars were not built with modern safety standards, so it might stand to reason that the insurance rates for them are going to be higher. This is going to vary a lot, but insurance rates are actually pretty low for classic cars.

We don’t drive them all that often, unlike the minivan that you drive to work every day. We also tend to put more effort into maintaining them, in sharp contrast to the car whose oil hasn’t been changed for a while because you just keep putting it off, and you figure that the mechanics are just exaggerating about it anyway. I promise you that we’re not. However, you probably treat your classic car differently. One way or another, your insurance shouldn’t be too high, so you should be suspicious if that is not the case.

Your insurance rates aren’t the problem when it comes to classic cars: storage is the problem. Where are you going to park your beauty? My Dodge Charger has its own honored place in the garage. I’d shell out for a storage facility if I didn’t have the space. Do you have the space? Can you pay a storage facility? Can you afford to have an additional garage space installed and put together, not to mention maintained? These are all important questions to ask prior to buying your classic car, as much as you might love it.

You should also make sure that you know how to work on it or maintain it, or that you know a mechanic who can do it for you. I can tell you that some younger mechanics just don’t have a lot of experience on anything made before 1970, and 1970 is an ancient date for some of them. There are mechanics that more or less specialize in classic cars, and you should find one of us.

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