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The Right Car Show Attitude

I like to think of car shows as a bonding experience. We’re all there to share in our love of these fine machines. We want to appreciate the cars of others, and we want to learn about them. We’re not just interested in the ride. We want to learn about the specs.

Car shows are educational. They’re not just visual. I think going to car shows all these years has been a huge part of my education as an auto mechanic in fact, and I would have loved to go to more of these in trade school.

Car shows shouldn’t just be competitive. The competitive part is just for fun, like trivia quizzes at fan conventions. We’re all car enthusiasts together, and we’re not trying to have fun at the expense of others. I think drivers in general get too competitive these days. We’re always trying to race each other on the road at one level, even though the public roads with lots of other cars are pretty much the worst places to race.

If you’re really competitive and you love cars, stick to NASCAR. I love NASCAR too, but car shows are different. They’re not about watching your opponents crash. You want them and their cars to be okay and you want everyone to have a good time.

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